The research conducted in this project has been published in a PhD thesis and in several journal articles and conference papers:

  • Krüsi, P. (2016). “Autonomous Navigation in Complex Nonplanar Environments Based on Laser Ranging”. PhD Thesis, ETH Zürich. Thesis
  • Krüsi, P., Furgale, P., Bosse, M., and Siegwart, R. “Driving on Point Clouds: Motion Planning, Trajectory Optimization, and Terrain Assessment in Generic Nonplanar Environments”. Accepted for Publication in Journal of Field Robotics on October 11, 2016. Video
  • Krüsi, P., Bücheler, B., Pomerleau, F., Schwesinger, U., Siegwart, R., and Furgale, P. (2015). “Lighting-invariant Adaptive Route Following Using Iterative Closest Point Matching”. Journal of Field Robotics 32.4, pp. 534–564. Video
  • Pomerleau, F., Krüsi, P., Colas, F., Furgale, P., and Siegwart, R. (2014). “Long-term 3D map maintenance in dynamic environments”. In: Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), pp. 3712–3719. Video
  • Furgale, P., Krüsi, P., Pomerleau, F., Schwesinger, U., Colas, F., and Siegwart, R. (2014). “There and Back Again—Dealing with highly-dynamic scenes and long-term change during topological/metric route following”. In: ICRA14 Workshop on Modelling, Estimation, Perception, and Control of All Terrain Mobile Robots.
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